Why did the Orlando Sentinel endorse so many Democrats in 2022?

The Sentinel’s explanation is a partisan pitch

Jacquelyn Lynn
3 min readOct 26, 2022


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I recently canceled my subscription to the Orlando Sentinel, but they’re still sending me emails. I don’t bother to open most of them but I was intrigued by the one with the subject line

Why did the Sentinel endorse so many Democrats in 2022?

I never depended exclusively on the newspaper’s endorsement when making my voting choices, but I used to find it worthwhile to understand how the editorial board reached their decisions.

Even though I don’t know who received the Sentinel’s coveted (or not) endorsements, I decided to read the Sentinel’s defense of this year’s decisions.

First, they pointed out that their endorsements hadn’t always leaned heavily toward Democrats. That’s true, but there was also a time when their reporters wrote objective news articles.

Then they repeated a portion of a column by Valencia College Professor Michael Szalma. I’ll share part of that quote:

The choice is no longer between Republicans and Democrats. The choice is now between pro-democracy and anti-democracy. This means that you may have to vote for a candidate from a political party you have never supported. So be it. … It is that simple. It doesn’t matter if the candidate’s other policies are what you prefer.

Without the full context of Szalma’s essay, it’s hard to be sure — but it sounds like he’s saying that we should all vote as he thinks we should even if we don’t agree.

And how is that democracy?

The Sentinel’s defense of their endorsements also included this:

Again and again, we found ourselves evaluating candidates we’d once admired — and endorsed — and asking ourselves what happened. But we also drew a line. If they supported efforts to overturn…



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