Who Loves Receiving Group Texts?

I’m serious. Who really appreciates being on the receiving end of a group text?

Jacquelyn Lynn


Image created by Jacquelyn Lynn using MockupShots

A Pearls Before Swine comic strip showed Rat and Pig looking at their phones. (Want to see it? I’m respecting Stephan Pastis’ copyright and not sharing the actual comic here, but you can search for the Jan. 31, 2023 strip.)

Rat’s phone was dinging and he said he was getting a million texts and wanted to know what was going on.

Pig laughed and told Rat he was part of a group text.

In frustration, Rat took a mallet and smashed his phone. In the last panel, with his phone in pieces, Rat said, “It was the only way out.”

Sometimes I want to do that.

I think texting is a great invention. It’s quick and convenient. But there’s a downside. Actually, there are several but I’m going to focus on group texts.

I have a few friends who send group texts about events. While I appreciate the invitation or reminder …

I don’t want to see everyone else’s replies!!

Especially when I often don’t know many of the people on the text.



Jacquelyn Lynn

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